Claygate Montessori School




Our kids have been brilliantly happy at Claygate Montessori. My son wakes up at the weekend and is disappointed he’s not going in! He has been wonderfully supported to play and learn and built lovely relationships with both the staff and other children. We couldn’t have been happier with our nursery experience.

Sophie Westlake: July 2021

We have been extremely happy with Claygate Montessori - It’s a very caring and kind environment where our son has flourished. The staff are exceptional - knowledgeable, friendly, always available when you need to chat and our son absolutely adores them!
Couldn’t recommend them enough! Thank you.

Natasha Laliberte: July 2021

When I visited other preschools with Emilio I didn’t feel comfortable or like they were that eager for him to be there. I worried as he has autism and I was already anxious about sending him to school. As soon as I visited you I felt so much better. You were welcoming, friendly and accepting. I never had any issues with Emilio at school and I always felt like you all always put his needs first and went out of your way to accommodate him. He absolutely loved school and I didn’t worry about him at all when he was there.
Now with Alvario I feel exactly the same. He loves it and I feel comfortable dropping him off knowing that he’s with lovely people and safe.
The activities you do are lovely, it’s a welcoming, warm environment, the staff are friendly and approachable and the children always seem happy to go in and afterwards.
I would recommend claygate Montessori to everyone and anyone with young children.
Alvario Jimenez-Wallace: July 2021

We sent my daughter to montessori mid pandemic after we moved to Claygate and haven't looked back. The staff are incredible and very understanding about our daughter's medical needs. Her progress since she started nursery has been amazing and her speech and language skills have come on leaps and bounds. It is a really nurturing environment and I love the fact that they don't separate the children by age group so they all get to interact together. 

The little kickers and French lessons are a great addition to the regular programme and my daughter seems to really love them. We are delighted that our little girl is able to attend such a wonderful nursery where she is so well cared for. 

                                                                     Ruth Westlake: July 2021

"Amazing nursery.....and the staff don't get enough credit for the love, care and devotion they give to the children.  Elyse started primary school today and if it wasn't for you, she wouldn't have been ready or confident enough to go"

                                                    Melissa Bennett: July 2019

'What a great half term Lily-Rose has had.

I would like to thank you for all her progress so far.

I wish she had started here sooner.

What a great nursery you are.'

                                                        Amie Fallon: July 2019